Welcome to the Waninawakang Aboriginal Head Start Program

WAHS Vision

The Waninawakang Aboriginal Head Start Program (WAHS) strives to support children in their process of discovering the world.  We provide holistic programming that stimulates a personal sense of identity, encourages pride in their Aboriginal heritage and promotes a universal acceptance of people in the human race.  The Waninawakang Aboriginal Head Start Program provides support, advocacy, and learning opportunities for children and their families in a safe and nurturing environment.

WAHS Program Statement

We believe the future of Aboriginal people lie within the hearts and minds of our children.  It is our responsibility as parents, caregivers and members of the Aboriginal family to revive our fading heritage and languages by teaching ourselves and our children.  We must help our children to embrace knowledge and acquire a love of learning.    We recognize that Aboriginal culture, beliefs and language are unique to each family.  This will be celebrated by exposing children and their families to various Aboriginal culture and traditional activities.